Monster Car and Truck Wall Decals: 6 Great Packages

Monster Car and Truck Wall Decals: 6 Great Packages

It’s no secret that boys both young and old love cars and trucks. Younger kids love big cars and trucks that can be made into toys for them to play with, and teenagers love sports cars that they dream of one day owning. One type of vehicle that all boys love is monster trucks.

Both children and adults enjoy attending monster truck rallies and watching the cars and trucks fight each other. If your son is a monster truck aficionado, he'll definitely enjoy decorating his bedroom with these wild vehicles!

WallMonkeys has many great wall decal packages featuring monster trucks, and other vehicles drawn in the monster truck style. These sticker packages are a fantastic value that can save you money, because you receive several decals for just one set price, as opposed to purchasing each decal a la carte.


Monster Muscle Car Wall Sticker Decals

These monster muscle car wall decals will appeal to anyone who loves older cars. These decals could fit into the room of any teenage boy, or in a restaurant that is covered in car decor. Combining old-fashioned muscle cars with monster cars creates a decal package that no one will be able to resist. These muscle cars are classically cool!

Monster Muscle Car Wall Sticker Decals

Here are some more great options for teenage boys who love muscle cars and monster cars. They’re sure to find something they like in here, and something that matches the colors of their walls. These decals show the best in muscle cars and monster trucks!

5 Different Semi Truck Wall Decals

This collection of semi-trucks is perfect for a younger boy who’s obsessed with the big rigs he sees on the interstate. He’ll love covering his wall with these decals and dreaming of the day that he’ll get to drive one of these massive trucks!

Big School Bus and Fire Engine Wall Decal Sticker Set

This wall sticker collection of vehicles that are seen on the road every day would be the perfect decoration for a classroom. The kids will love talking about their favorite truck, from the school bus, to the fire truck, to the VW van. There’s something for everyone in this wall decal set.


Monster Car Wall Decal Sticker Set

Here’s a wall decal set that shows the type of monster cars that could be seen at certain rallies. These are the types of cars that boys love watching destroy each other on TV. Their imaginations will go wild with possibilities as they hang up these decals.

Transportation Racing Wall Sticker Set

Finally, this set of cartoon-like cars will interest any young boy or girl who spends most of their time racing toy cars in their room or in the backyard. They’ll love the bold colors of these cars, as well as their fun art style. This is the perfect decal set for any kid who loves transportation.

Monster cars and trucks are fascinating to children everywhere. These peel and stick wall decal packages from WallMonkeys give them a chance to act out their favorite monster truck rallies, or to simply decorate their rooms with their favorite vehicles.

Save time and money purchasing one wall decal package, rather than searching around for several individual monster truck wall decals. All of these featured packages are also drawn in the same art style, so you can even purchase different packages and mix and match the cars! Come check out the rest of our sticker collections today, and find the perfect wall decal set for your car-loving child.

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