9 of the Best Knight Wall Decals and Murals

9 of the Best Knight Wall Decals and Murals

Long before there were Renaissance Fairs, there were knights. Hundreds of years ago, knights ruled the battlefield, with their heavy armor, their extreme military conditioning, and their precise, L-shaped movements on chessboards. These days, knights are mostly the thing of legend and story, but they're coming back-- in wall decal form, thanks to WallMonkeys. Check out some of our best knight wall decals.

Knight in Full Suit of Armor

Decorate any kid's room, nursery, classroom or man cave with a knight in a full suit of armor! Embrace your love of the renaissance era or add this to a child's room to match a theme! No mater where you place this decal, one thing is for sure, this is a knight to remember!


This sword wall decal's all business. Perfect for a boys' room, medieval lair or man cave. En garde!

Cute Cartoon Knight and Dragon

This cute cartoon knight and dragon decal is perfect for kids. Use WallMonkeys easy-to-apply knight themed wall decor to liven up the walls of your kid's playroom!


Don't let anything get between you and eternal glory on the battlefield. Slap this decal on your wall, and show this dragon you're a knight not to be messed with!

Crossed Swords

Before they were transformed into candy bars by a sugar wizard, the Three Musketeers were an inspiration to us all. Their inspiration lives on in this peel & stick wall decal of three crossed blades, commemorating chocolate and bravery for all time.

Knights and Princesses

Sometimes, you need a good suit of armor to get things done. Whether you need defense against the forces of darkness, or you just enjoy knights and fun characters, his decal set is the perfect your walls!



Sure to scare any wizards or dragons sneaking around your house away! This decal makes a perfect addition to any little aspiring knight's bedroom.

Black Knight Silhouette

Tally-ho! This silhouetted knight riding his horse is heading off into the sunset, or he's about to joust someone right off of their horse. Turn your living room into a festival for royalty today. 

Ancient Warrior Shield

What knight is complete without a shield? This shield is perfect for defending any and all knights in your house or office! 

With WallMonkeys' vast collection of armor, swords and shields, your home or office will be well protected from dragons, invading armies, or rival kingdoms hoping to usurp the throne! All you need next is a moat, and maybe some magic spells for that finishing touch.


Come check out the rest of our collection today, and make your home or office the envy of other kingdoms-- or neighbors and coworkers. Or, get creative and design your own wall decal with our make your own custom decal tool!

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