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Make Your Own Custom Stickers

Create your own stickers with durable quality, no minimum orders and complete customization. Design your own sticker in just a few simple steps! Pick from kiss cut, transfer tape and die cut sticker options to get started.

Step 1 of 2: Pick Your Sticker Type


Custom Die Cut Stickers

Our Custom Die Cut Stickers are printed on premium vinyl that is thicker than traditional vinyl stickers. This gives your logo or design sticker a premium feel. Installing your new logo sticker is easy and it can be removed without damaging the surface it has been placed on.

What Can It Be Used For?
Perfect for businesses to give out to customers to help promote their brand. Die cut stickers can go on laptops, water bottles and car windows.

Custom Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss Cut Stickers are stickers that have extra backing paper framing your design. The extra backing allows you to put extra marketing material outside of the sticker as well as makes peeling the sticker much easier than a traditional die cut sticker.

What Can It Be Used For?
Kiss cut stickers are durable, easy to transport and perfect for more intricate designs. Most customers use them for promotions.

Custom Transfer Stickers

Transfer Stickers, often called Transfer Tape Stickers, are stickers printed without a background and adhered to tape allowing the sticker to be transferred to the surface it is being applied to.

What Can It Be Used For?
Transfer Stickers are mostly used when customers don't want a background on their sticker. These transfer stickers are perfect for glass, laptops, cups and windows!

Custom Square Stickers

Custom Sqaure stickers are a great way to have a clean sticker with sharp lines. Whether your artwork is already square or you would like us to add a background, let us create your custom square sticker for you!

What Can It Be Used For?
Square stickers are perfect for professional logos and product labels. A small white border is added around the stickers that makes them easy to peel.

Custom Circle Stickers

Custom Circle Stickers are a popular sticker choice at trade shows. This sticker is ideal for those who already have a perfectly circle logo and would like the sticker to be cut directly on the border.

What Can It Be Used For?
The most popular use of circle stickers is for those who have a circle logo. Circle Stickers are popular for tradeshows.

Dog Face Stickers

Who doesn't love their dog? Turn a picture of yours into a cute Dog Face Sticker. We trace around your pups head and add a small white border and die cut around it giving it a fun unique look. These are a great gift idea for dog lovers.

What Can It Be Used For?
Our Dog Face Stickers are one of our most popular gift ideas. The stickers can be put on water bottles, laptops and phone cases.

Create Your Own Custom Stickers | Make Your Own Stickers with No Minimums

Wall Monkeys makes designing, customizing and ordering custom stickers easy! Personalize custom die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers or transfer tape stickers for your logos, artwork, lettering and designs in a few simple steps.

Custom Sticker Types | Create Your Own Kiss Cut Stickers, Custom Die Cut Stickers, Logo Stickers & More

Create your own stickers and pick the perfect sticker cut to match your design! Wall Monkeys has a variety of sticker types, all printed in-house and on demand. Choose from precise die cut stickers, easy-to-peel kiss cut stickers and high quality transfer tape options for your custom design and logo stickers.

  • Die Cut Stickers: Create your own stickers for your laptop, water bottle, notebook, or car. Our premium die cut stickers make great logo stickers for company events and giveaways.
  • Kiss Cut Stickers: Make your own stickers with premium framing and extra paper backing for easy sticker peeling and extra design space.
  • Transfer Stickers: Create stickers without a background. Our easy-to-apply transfer stickers are great for designs with transparent backgrounds.
  • Square Stickers: Make your own square-shaped stickers for a more precise and professional look. Featuring a border for easy peeling, these custom square stickers are hassle-free.
  • Circle Stickers: Turn your circular logos and artworks into a sticker without changing the shape. These custom round stickers are easy to peel and made to last.
  • Dog Face Die Cut Stickers: Turn your favorite picture of your furry friend into a custom sticker in a few simple steps.

Shop all of our custom sticker options and custom vinyl sticker types to find the right fit for your logo, artwork, message or design.

Design Your Own Stickers with Custom Quantities

With no minimum orders, you can customize your sticker order to include the perfect quantity. Design your own stickers and order one to make a one-of-a-kind statement, or create your own stickers and order in bulk for your company or event. 

Create Stickers for Personal & Professional Use | Artwork & Custom Logo Stickers

Our vinyl stickers are easy to peel and stick, with a strong adhesive and a residue-free removal, making them perfect for business or personal use. Order your artwork, pictures and designs on stickers of all shapes and sizes, or take your business branding to the next level with custom logo stickers. Wall Monkeys’ custom stickers are durable, high quality, built to last and customized for you or your company.

Pick from custom die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, logo stickers and transfer tape options, then follow our simple design process to get started. 

Every custom sticker order at Wall Monkeys is reviewed by our design experts for quality and resolution, and proofs are available upon request.

With our variety of sizes, quantities and customization options, Wall Monkeys’ simple sticker-making solution is designed to help you easily get creative, promote your brand and make a custom statement that sticks.

Want to make a bigger statement? Check out our full-size custom wall decals that feature your photos, text and personalized designs!