Cartoon Animal Wall Decor: 5 Fun Decal Packages For Kids

Cartoon Animal Wall Decor: 5 Fun Decal Packages For Kids

Cartoon animal wall graphics are an adorable, colorful, and inexpensive way to decorate a baby’s room or even a toy store. The smiling faces of these animals will put your child in a happy mood, or create an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Guests will be impressed by the creative method of decorating- why pay for an expensive paint job or settle for one bland color, when you can revitalize your room with wall decal packages from WallMonkeys? WallMonkeys has several wall sticker packages that are perfect for kids, including silhouettes, transportation, construction, and of course, cartoon animals. These decal packages are a fantastic value, saving you both time and money. Why spend hours browsing for the perfect wall decals, and making sure they match, when you can purchase a variety all for just one price? Below are some of WallMonkeys' best cartoon animal wall decal packages, perfect for nurseries, children's bedrooms, classrooms, or anywhere you like!

Dinosaur Wall Decal Set for Nursery Wall Decal

Rawr! These dinosaurs are anything but menacing. These darling dinosaur decals are perfect for any little boy or girl. The neon and pastel colors add cheer to any wall and create a playful environment for your baby to enjoy.


Farm Animal Wall Sticker Decal Set Wall Decal

This package includes so many animals, it may as well be Old MacDonald’s farm! Your child will love these kooky farm animal graphics because of their large eyes and goofy grins. If you own a toy store, this decal package is a great way to advertise farm or animal themed toys and games.


Farm Animal Wall Sticker Set Wall Decal

These decals are a fun way to teach your baby which noises each animal makes. Apply these decals to your child’s wall and point to the horse while saying “neigh,” to the pig while saying “oink,” etc. Your child will not only be entertained, he or she is also learning!


Cute Colorful Owl Wall Decal Set

This wall sticker package offers a wide range of animals to choose from! From butterflies to birds and owls, this package has it all! These animals’ tiny eyes and endearing grins are adorable and perfect for decorating a baby’s room or a cute toy store.


Giraffe Family Wall Sticker Set Wall Decal

This family of giraffes will delight your child and brighten up their room. Giraffes are known for their long necks and silly spots, both of which are entertaining to children. These wall decals are a great way to teach your child about family, and a fun way to decorate a room!

Wallmonkeys’ cartoon animal wall decal packages are an adorable way to enhance any child’s room. These decals are not only bright and fun to look at; they’re also easy to apply and a great way to educate your child. If you own a toy store, these graphics will liven up your store and make customers want to come back as soon as possible! These cute animal decals will also be right at home in any preschool, kindergarten classroom, or daycare center. Come check out the rest of our collections today, and find the right wall decal package for your home or classroom. 

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