10 of the Most Popular Girly Wall Decal Packages

10 of the Most Popular Girly Wall Decal Packages

At Wallmonkeys, we know that you may not be ready for prime time at that next ballet recital, but that doesn't mean you can't dream. Here are a few of our favorite cutesy, girly wall decals to inspire you to work on that pirouette.

Cute Ballerina

We start off with a cute ballerina wall decal set, of course. This ballerina comes with all sorts of accessories that you can peel and stick to your heart's content, including a “ballet dancer” word sign, all in about the pinkest pinks you could ever possibly imagine!

Pink Owl Tree

How about a family of cute owls and birds? These decals come as part of a set as well, with your own tree trunk and assembled owls and bird friends to really create a vivid scene of your own. You can even create a rainbow owl forest, as this whimsy decal package is also available in purple, green, and autumn colors

Colorful Owls and Bird Friends

Here we have a family of owls and birds, with the same sort of customizable fun as the other decal packages. That means that you're in control of just how adorable your owl family can be. Place it along a shelf as you can see in the photo, or customize it with our other decal sets and create a whole owl wall. You've got the power now.

Colorful Apples

These colorful apples are artsy and ready to make the scene on your wall. As far as fresh produce goes, these stickers are ready to peel and stick wherever you want, and they'll never get spoiled!

Pink Ballet

Another great ballet set, but this time, the ballet dancer is a classic silhouette instead of the cartoon style of the first package. The package comes with accessories as well, and is easy to peel and stick. A similar wall decal package is also available in lavender, for the girly-girls who aren't so much into pink.

Colorful Flower Garden With Birds

Oh boy, now we've got butterflies and clouds involved in this scene. If we could make a suggestion; try one owl package first, and then add others if they're a big hit. The best part about having multiple owl wall decals is that you can mix and match them too. Owls, trees, branches, birds: It's all here!

Pink Owl Family

Another great addition to the owl scene line, with larger owl decals that you can place at the forefront of your wall's decoration. With these pink colors and patterns, these owls are an easy fit for a kid's bedroom or playroom, but they're at home just about anywhere where there's a branch!

Girly City

With its restrictions on mean older brothers and tax rebates for ribbons, Girly City is truly a bastion of girlyness in all of its many forms. Now you can create a whole girly skyline on your walls, with different buildings that you can place however you might like.

Cute Unicorn Family

Unicorns are horses, but better. It's no wonder our unicorn wall decals are so popular! Now you can add a whole group of unicorns to a wall, each in their own location, and exactly how you want.


Garden Life

Finally, we've got a charming garden scene, which includes a lovable ant, and everyone's favorite, a snail. Just like all of our other wall decal packages, this set comes with decals for each piece you see in the picture that you can arrange however you please!

Feel like there just isn't enough frilly pink stuff in the list? Want to add a robot, just for a little variety? We've got the solution, with the WallMonkeys database of over 20 million images that you can search. Use keywords, look for themes, and find the perfect wall decals for your space!

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