What are WallMonkeys decals made of?

How big is each Wallmonkeys Graphic?

Can WallMonkeys print full wall murals?

How large of an image do I need for my Custom Wallmonkey?

What file formats do you accept?

Does WallMonkeys Print On-Demand for Businesses?


Can I see a proof of my order before it prints?

How do I customize my artwork / decal?

Do you accept purchase orders or checks?

Can I make changes to my order?

Can you merge multiple orders and ship them together?

Does WallMonkeys do promotions or discounts?

How do I request a quote for a custom decal creation?

How do I know what type of decal I want?

How do I create a decal from my logo or artwork?

How do I prepare my artwork for a good quality print?

What design services does WallMonkeys offer?

What do I do if I cannot place my order?


When will my order arrive?

What shipping options and carriers are available?

How do I expedite my order?

Has my order shipped yet?

How can I track my order?

I never received my tracking confirmation email.

My material sample never arrived

My tracking shows the package is delivered but I never received it.

What if my decals are delivered late?

How do I estimate my shipping time?

How are the decals packaged?

Will my order arrive in multiple packages?

Does WallMonkeys ship Internationally?

Can you rush my order?

Material Properties

What is Vinyl?

Will WallMonkeys damage my walls?

What is transfer tape?

How long will my WallMonkeys stay up?

How do I install my WallMonkeys decal?

Can I use my WallMonkeys decal outside?

Can I use my WallMonkeys decal inside a bathroom or a high moisture environment?

Can I order a material sample?

What if I have textured walls?

How do I remove my WallMonkey?

Can I reuse my WallMonkeys?

What is Vinyl Lettering?

Can I apply my WallMonkey to a window?

Returns, Refunds and Cancellations

How do I return a decal if I am unsatisfied?

How do I cancel my order?

Can I get a refund on shipping if my order is late?

My package arrived damaged

What if my order was incorrect?

Can I return my custom decal?