12 Wall Decal Package Ideas For Your Baby's Nursery

12 Wall Decal Package Ideas For Your Baby's Nursery

When it comes to decorating your entire nursery, you've got options. Try wowing them with some of these great wall decal packages from WallMonkeys. Our wall decals are very easy to apply and easy to remove once the baby's grown a little and wants "big kid" decor, and WallMonkeys will never ruin or damage your walls!

Teddy Bear With Pink Hearts

This decal set has everything that you would ever need to complete the look of your nursery, all right in one package. It's got a bear, it's got hearts, and it would be perfect wall decor for any little girls room! Decorating your baby's nursery couldn't be any easier, just stick 'em on your wall, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Moon with Sleeping Teddy Bear

Sometimes, it's not enough to just say “nap time.” Kids might need another hint. This wall decal set is the perfect reminder that your kids should go to sleep, instead of making you read the same story over again! Create a peaceful and sleepy oasis for your little one with this adorable wall decal!

Teddy Bear With Blue and Green Stars

If you love bears and your baby's nursery could use a little color variety. We hear you, and now we've got blue stars to go with the teddy bear! Place this decal above your baby's crib for adorable and easy-to-apply decor!

Moon with Sleeping Teddy and Purple Stars

More gentle reminders for your baby to rest their head and go to bed! With a moon that has a little night cap on and a sleepy teddy bear, this decal is perfect to put above where your child's crib or bed. These sweet child's decals are the perfect way to create a soothing nursery scene for your sleepy little one!

Dreamy Butterfly Family

Here we have a peaceful family of butterflies, all with different colors and looks to light up that plain wall with something fresh. Stick them up together, or mix them with another wall decal collection of your choosing!

Blue Balloons and White Clouds

Decorate your nursery with friendly skies! From the cheery banner, to the hot air balloons, this is an overall pleasant skyscape that's got lots of soothing patterns and colors. Just remember to put your high chair in the upright position before you land!

Pink Hot Air Balloons and Clouds

If you liked the above decal package, but you were thinking, “I sure wish it was pink, and that there were more birds than planes.” You got it! This decal package is filled with more friendly skies and is perfect for a little girl's room!

Baby Garden With Owls

Create a whole garden landscape, complete with owls, a tree, some bugs, and a couple of flowers. Set these easy-to-apply wall stickers up however you want, or mix them with other wall decal packages!

Crescent Moon with Rainbow and Clouds

How about a sky of clouds, rainbows, and stars? This is a perfect decal to bring light and calming colors to any nursery! It looks nice on just about any background color so this set is sure to be a perfect fit for your home!

Musical Notes Moon and Clouds

Inspire your baby's inner musical genius with this musical wall sticker set! This decal set is the perfect room decor for your little Mozart!

Full Moon with Rocketships Rainbows and Clouds

If, on the other hand, your child enjoys bouncy castles and freeze dried ice cream, you could have a future astronaut on your hands. These rockets are the perfect encouragement they'll need to get started on a career in space exploration.

Nursery Garden Friends

Finally, we've got another garden collection that mixes well with many of our other wall decal collections! Similar to the garden landscape shown earlier, but with a bit more variety in flowers and bugs. It only has one owl, but maybe one is all you need for it to be a hoot. 

Looking for more nursery wall decal packages?Check out our database of over 20 million wall decal images and designs. WallMonkeys has something for everyone, including the youngest members of your family.  

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