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November Collection of the Month: Trendy Stickers

November Collection of the Month: Trendy Stickers

Wall Monkeys has vinyl decals, murals and stickers for every space and every style. To show off some of our favorite peel-and-stick products, we pick one of our favorite collections to feature each month as our Collection of the Month!

Our November Collection of the Month is great for showing off your style on the go and putting your one-of-a-kind personality on display: Trendy Stickers!

Our collection of trendy stickers includes all kinds of fan-favorite designs and popular options to help you showcase your style. With our durable vinyl and residue-free removal, our stickers are the perfect accessory for water bottles, laptops, notebooks and all of your favorite items.

Here are some of our favorite trendy stickers and décor ideas to give you some decoration inspiration for the month of November:

Inspirational Stickers

Love lives here vinyl sticker

This Love Lives Here Sticker features a trendy font and a timeless design to help you make a statement everywhere you go!

Looking for other ways to show off your favorite sayings? Create your own custom sticker featuring your favorite quotes, statements and personalized text!

Trendy Mom Stickers

mom heart sticker

Shop trendy stickers to show off your proud mom status! This vinyl Mom Heart Tattoo Sticker is easy to apply and won’t leave behind any damage once removed, making it a perfect, mess-free gift for busy moms!

Shop our full collection of stickers and decals for Mothers, including stylish and trendy options for all #1 Moms and Mama Queens.

Super Dad Stickers

super dad sticker

Celebrate your super dad! This Super Dad Sticker is perfect for all one-of-a-kind fathers. With an easy peel-and-stick application, this vinyl sticker is the perfect way to show off your all-star status as a Super Dad.

Check out all of our Father-inspired stickers and decals for more dad-approved options!

Teacher Stickers

teachers can do virtually anything sticker

This Teachers Can Do Virtually Anything Sticker makes a great gift for all educators, from new teachers to at-home, remote instructors.

Check out our full teacher sticker collection for more classroom-inspired designs and peel-and-stick options.

Stickers Inspired By Our Furry Friends

tell your dog i said hi sticker

Give a shoutout to every furry friend and canine companion with this Tell Your Dog I Said Hi Sticker! Check out our custom dog face stickers to create a one-of-a-kind sticker featuring your favorite pup.

collection of the month: trendy stickers, shop now

At Wall Monkeys, our murals, stickers and decals are printed with precision and made of a premium vinyl that won’t leave behind any damage.

Each of our stickers are designed to peel, stick and stay put on your water bottle, laptop, notebook, or any smooth surface!

Trendy Stickers is the featured Collection of the Month throughout the month of November. Check back every month for new decals, designs and peel-and-stick decoration inspiration with our latest Collection of the Month!

Show us how you’re using stickers and decals to decorate by tagging us @WallMonkeys, and don’t forget to follow us for the latest vinyl decal news, designs and inspo!

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