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January Collection of the Month: Classroom Decals

January Collection of the Month: Classroom Decals

At Wall Monkeys, we create vinyl decals and stickers for every space! To show off some of our favorite wall decals, we pick one collection to put on display each month as our Collection of the Month!

The January Collection of the Month is perfect for helping you redecorate your classroom for the new year: Classroom & Teacher Decals

A new year means a new semester and new classroom décor! Our Teacher Decal Collection includes all kinds of fun and educational peel-and-stick decal options for your one-of-a-kind classroom.

Want to take your classroom decorations to the next level? Here are some of our top classroom decal picks for every grade level:

Pre-K & Kindergarten Wall Decals

alphabet wall decal

Decorate the walls of your Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom with adorable décor that doubles as an educational teaching aid! This Alphabet Wall Decal features a fun cartoon animal design that’s perfect for young students.

Elementary School Wall Decals

map wall decal

Map wall decals make a great teaching tool for Elementary School teachers and educators! From geography to social studies, our map decals are a convenient reference tool for all school subjects.

Shop our complete collection of map decals to find an option that fits your classroom theme.

Middle School Wall Decals

motivational wall decal

Keep things positive in your Middle School classroom! Motivational wall decals are an easy way to inspire students to strive for progress, think outside the box, and get creative!

High School Wall Decals

periodic table wall decal

Looking for ways to refresh your High School classroom? Our educational decals feature tables and charts that correspond with your lesson plans.

Check out our Periodic Table Wall Decals and Informational Diagram Decals for more!

Wall Decals for a Customized Classroom

teacher name wall decal

Customize your classroom with personalized décor! At Wall Monkeys, custom decals are our specialty. We can create one-of-a-kind decals and stickers that are personalized for your lesson plans, your school colors or your classroom theme.

Our Custom Teacher Name Decals are the perfect way to make your classroom your own!

Happy New Year from Wall Monkeys! We’re here to help you decorate your classroom for the new year with décor that’s easy to peel, stick and apply!

All of our decals and stickers adhere to desks, whiteboards, chalkboards, room doors and walls so you can make the most out of your classroom space.

wall decals for your classroom, shop now!

 Our high-quality vinyl is the perfect classroom decorating solution. Simply peel and stick your decal to a smooth surface! When you decide to redecorate or switch up your décor for the next school year, your decals will easily remove without leaving behind any residue or damaging your walls!

Our Teacher & Classroom Decal Collection is the featured Collection of the Month for the month of January. Check back every month for new decal designs and décor inspo with our latest Collection of the Month!

Show us how you’re getting creative and using vinyl decals and stickers to decorate your classroom! Snap a picture of your peel-and-stick school décor and share it with us @WallMonkeys

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