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Kiss Cut Stickers vs. Die Cut Stickers

Kiss Cut Stickers vs. Die Cut Stickers

At Wall Monkeys we offer a variety of custom sticker options to help you create and customize your own one-of-a-kind stickers.

Whether you’re creating logo stickers for your business or personalizing stickers with your custom artwork and designs, choosing the right sticker type is an important step.

To find out which Wall Monkeys custom sticker type is right for you, we’ve put together this go-to guide on kiss cut versus die cut stickers:

kiss cut sticker versus die cut sticker

Die Cut and Kiss Cut Sticker FAQs

What is the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers?

The main difference between die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers is the backing. Kiss cut stickers are easy to peel with a larger surrounding border and backing, while die cut stickers are custom cut to the exact shape of your design.

*The differences between die cut and kiss cut stickers are before they're peeled and applied! Both of these sticker types may look the same and have the same shape or final appearance after being removed from their backing. 

Can kiss cut/die cut stickers go on cars?

At Wall Monkeys, our kiss cut and die cut stickers are made of the same durable vinyl adhesive that can easily peel and stick to all kinds of smooth surfaces, including water bottles, laptops and cars.

How are kiss cut stickers made?

Kiss cut stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl, then precisely cut around your design. Kiss cutting refers to the process of cutting through the vinyl layer around your sticker, without cutting through the paper sticker backing.

How are die cut stickers made?

Die cut stickers are also printed on high-quality vinyl, but unlike kiss cutting, the die cutting process cuts through the vinyl and paper backing materials. Die cut stickers and their backing are both cut precisely to fit the shape of your design.

What is the difference between a sticker and a decal?

Vinyl stickers and decals are made of the same easy-to-apply vinyl with residue-free removal. The difference between a sticker and a decal at Wall Monkeys is the size of the product and the surface it'll be applied to. Stickers are generally smaller in size while decals are larger. 

Die Cut Stickers

die cut logo sticker

Die cut stickers are custom cut to the exact shape of the design, with both the vinyl sticker and the paper backing cut into the same shape. This type of sticker is great for putting your unique logo or artwork on display, with a clean cut final presentation.

Benefits of Die Cut Stickers

  • Die cut sticker backing is custom cut to match the shape of the sticker, offering a personalized final sticker presentation
  • This popular sticker type is great for a visually-appealing display
  • Die cut stickers are great for custom artwork and logos, with a custom cut that helps your design stand out

Die Cut Sticker Examples:

die cut sticker examples

Kiss Cut Stickers

kiss cut logo sticker

Kiss cut stickers have extra backing paper framing your custom cut sticker. This sticker type is cut only through the vinyl, not the paper backing material, making them easy to peel, stick and transport!

Benefits of Kiss Cut Stickers

  • Kiss cut stickers feature surrounding backing paper, allowing more room for extra style, info and design elements
  • This sticker type is durable, easy to transport, and great for intricate designs
  • Kiss cut stickers are generally easier and faster to peel than die cut stickers
  • These stickers are great for promotions and giveaways, with extra room for more informational details

Kiss Cut Sticker Examples:

kiss cut sticker examples

At Wall Monkeys, we specialize in creating high-quality custom decals and stickers that are personalized to your preferences and customized for you. Both kiss cut and custom die cut stickers can be cut in all shapes and sizes to provide the same end result. Choose your sticker type based on your design, display preferences and how you’d like your stickers to look and behave before they’re peeled.

create your own custom sticker, shop now

All of the custom stickers at Wall Monkeys are made from premium vinyl that’s durable, easy-to-apply and features a residue-free removal. With a variety of size options, quantities, precision cut shapes and sticker types, Wall Monkeys has got you covered for all of your custom sticker needs.

Ready to get started? Creating high quality custom stickers at Wall Monkeys is easy! Choose your sticker type, upload your design and choose your customized quantity and size.

We’d love to see your custom sticker designs, inspiration and ideas. Share all of your custom die cut and kiss cut sticker pictures with us @WallMonkeys, and don’t forget to follow us to stay up-to-date on all things vinyl decals and custom stickers.

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