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April Collection of the Month: Spring Wall Decals

April Collection of the Month: Spring Wall Decals

Wall Monkeys has vinyl decals, murals and sticker sets for every season, occasion and décor style. To show off some of our favorite decals and peel-and-stick décor inspiration, we choose one collection to feature each month as our Collection of the Month!

Our April Collection of the Month is perfect for stylishly decorating your space for the season: Spring Decals!

The Spring Decal Collection is inspired by April showers, May flowers and all things spring! Showcase your spring spirit by decorating your walls with butterflies, blooming flowers, Easter bunnies and more.

Our easy-to-apply wall decals feature a residue-free removal that makes it easy to peel, stick, apply and reposition your spring wall décor. Here are some of our favorite decals from our Collection of the Month to give you some decoration inspiration for the month of April:

Blossom Wall Decals

Cherry Blossom Wall Decal

This Blossom Wall Decal is the perfect spring-inspired addition for any space. Create a botanical scene in your home, office or classroom with this easy-to-apply cherry blossom décor.

Upgrade your space with a single cherry blossom decal, or order multiple decals in a variety of sizes to decorate a full wall with these springtime florals.

April Showers Umbrella Wall Decals

April Showers Wall Decal

April showers bring May flowers! Celebrate your love for the rainy spring season with this adorable April Showers Umbrella Wall Decal.

Wall Monkeys wall decals are made of a durable vinyl that’s easy to reposition, and reusable for all of your future spring decorating!

Spring Flower Wall Decals

Spring Flower Collection Wall Decal

Celebrate the season with spring florals! Peel and stick this Collection of Spring Flowers Wall Decal to any empty wall to add an instant touch of spring.

With a variety of size options available, you can choose the perfect decal size to fit your space. This group of springtime flowers make a great wall décor addition to classrooms, nurseries, offices, or any empty wall.

Butterfly Wall Decals

Butterfly and Moth Wall Decal

Make the most out of your space with butterfly decals! This decal features a collection of butterflies and moths, perfect for brightening up your walls and upgrading your space for spring.

At Wall Monkeys, all of our decals are made from a durable vinyl that easily peels, sticks and applies to any wall! Our butterfly decals are particularly popular for decorating classrooms, offices, kids’ bedrooms and nurseries!

Blooming Flower Wall Murals

Blooming Flower Wall Mural

This bright blooming flower decal is a quick and easy way to celebrate spring in your space! Place this flower decal in your home office, living room or on any empty wall.

Spruce up your space for spring! Our complete Spring Decal Collection is filled with decals and sticker sets featuring everything from blossoms and blooms to butterflies and all kinds of spring-inspired scenes!

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At Wall Monkeys, our vinyl wall decals and sticker sets are quick to apply, easy to reposition, reusable and won’t damage your walls!

With simple application and residue-free removal, Wall Monkeys spring decals are a worry-free way to decorate your home, office, classroom or any space for the spring season!

Want to celebrate every season with one-of-a-kind wall décor? Check out our decal collections for summer, fall and winter, or design your own decal to personalize your space!

The Spring Decal Collection is the featured Collection of the Month throughout the month of April. Check back next month for new decals and decoration inspiration with our latest Collection of the Month!

We’d love to see all of the creative ways you’re using vinyl decals to decorate your space! Share all of your spring decal pictures with us @WallMonkeys and follow us to stay up-to-date on the latest decal designs and décor!

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