7 Of the Best Wall Decals for Your Laundry Room

7 Of the Best Wall Decals for Your Laundry Room

Pile of Laundry

Stop putting your dirty laundry on the floor, and start putting it on the wall. Before you pick up a hammer and nails, we're talking about a wall decal of dirty laundry. All laundry featured in this crisp wall graphic are guaranteed dirtied and wrinkled. It sends the powerful message that when life tries to press you, you don't fold. Or sort, for that matter.

Clothing Pin

Here's a wall graphic that'll do in a pinch! Embrace the laundry atmosphere with a clothing pin decal. Place this cute clothing pin decal anywhere in your laundry room for some fun new decor!


Bring on the laundry vibes by decorating the walls with fun bubble decals! Place these bubble decals around the washer and dryer for fun home decor that kids will love!

Tailoring Equipment

You can enjoy this tailoring equipment silhouette whether you're someone who is crazy about making little sweaters and mittens, or you're any type of sewing connoisseur. This is the wall decal that tells the world, “Hey, sew what?” 

Puppy and Washing Machine Decal

Show off your love of dogs in the laundry room! Combine your daily laundry chores with something a little more upbeat by placing this dog and washing machine decal on your walls! 

Italian Laundry Murals

Hey, who wants to go to Venice? While we sort out our tour schedule, check out this scenic Venice wall mural. It's got laundry, and water, and at no added cost, a bonus boat. This decal makes a great addition to any frequent traveler's laundry room!

Care Symbols

Place this helpful textile care symbols decal on your wall to help out with all of your laundry! All you have to do is find the tag in your clothing and match the symbols to the ones on your wall to find out how to properly care for all of your clothes!
Fun wall decorations don't have to stop in the laundry room! WallMonkeys has decals and wall stickers for all of the rooms in your home or office! Get creative and make your own custom wall decal for wall decor that's one-of-a-kind!

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