10 Ways Wall Monkeys Can Improve Your Space

10 Ways Wall Monkeys Can Improve Your Space

With Wall Monkeys there are tons of creative and fun DIY ways for you to embrace your space. Our vinyl wall decals, murals and sticker sets are easy-to-apply and reusable, making them the perfect tool for all of your DIY decor projects.

Wall Monkeys are not only the perfect quick-to-remove solution for decorating rented spaces and dorms, but they're also an easy, stress-free way to upgrade any space and visually make a statement. We've got decal designs for every room theme or pattern, and the ability to personalize your order with our one-of-a-kind create your own custom decal option.

At Wall Monkeys, our goal is to help you decorate your space, your way. There are countless ways that wall decals can be used to bring your rooms and DIY projects together. We've put together some of our favorite ways to use our peel-and-stick decals in our top 10 countdown of ways that Wall Monkeys can improve your space.

Wallpaper Made Easy

Wallpaper sticker set behind bed

Photo Credit: @royjohns

Wall Monkeys has seamless wallpaper and wallpaper sticker sets that have been designed to match your specific style! Wall decals make great wallpaper for accent walls or an entire room! Our decals are easy-to-apply and re-positionable if you decide to switch up the location of your new wallpaper.

Kitchen Decor Decals

Tile decal as kitchen back splash behind sink

A simple but easy way to step up your kitchen design is to add decals! Wall Monkeys can be used to decorate your kitchen walls, or to create a peel-and-stick back splash. Find tile decals, decals featuring your favorite design or create your own decals for an easy-to-apply decal kitchen back splash.

Interactive Interior Design

Sea creatures coloring page decal in child's playroom

Bring interactive elements into your interior design with coloring book decals! Our coloring pages decals work with water-based markers for re-usable fun, or permanent markers to save your masterpiece!

These interactive decals are perfect for nurseries, classrooms, playrooms and children's rooms. Place a coloring page decal in your space for an arts and crafts installment that's interactive and brings your space to life.

Branding Your Business

Van with dog and cat decals in windows

Wall Monkeys' durable peel-and-stick design makes it easy to decorate any space! This Wall Monkeys customer decided to add to their decals to their car for business branding on the go! Check out our easy-to-customize selection of decals for businesses to get started!

Stepping Up Your Stair Design

Patterned decal placed on each stair

Adding decals to your stairs is an easy way to make a statement. Find a pattern or design that matches your style and add it to the back of each stair to give your staircase an easy-to-apply flattering upgrade.

Creative Cabinets

Before and after image of cabinets with wall decals

Wall Monkeys are made of durable adhesive vinyl that smoothly sticks to all kinds of surfaces. This Wall Monkeys customer decided to complete their cabinets with decals to give the appearance of stained glass! Find your favorite design and fit it to each of your cabinets to transform your space!

Adding a Special Touch to Ceilings

Ceiling with starburst decals

Make a statement with your ceilings! Wall decals are easy to peel, stick and apply to the ceiling of your space. Add stars, galaxy murals, clouds, patterns, prints or any type of Wall Monkey to the ceiling of your dining room, living room, nursery or child's room for an easy and innovative design!

Completing Kids' Rooms

Child's room with moon wall decal

Photo Credit: @megruth

Complete your kids' rooms with wall decals to match any theme. This Wall Monkeys' customer completed their child's room with a moon wall decal for a finishing touch! Wall Monkeys are easy-to-apply and quick-to-remove so they're perfect for updating baby, children and teen rooms.

Door Decor

Fern leaf wall decal on door

Upgrade the entrance or exit to your space! Wall decals are resistant to daily wear and tear and are a great way to decorate your door! Order your favorite decal to add to your dorm, bedroom or classroom door for an easy DIY upgrade.

Bringing Personalization to Your Space

Dog in front of custom dog decal

Our create your own decal tool makes it easy to personalize your space! You can upload your favorite photo for a custom decal that looks great anywhere. Create a decal of your favorite family picture, your artwork and designs or your favorite furry friend!

Transform your space! Wall decals are versatile and can be used for all of your blank walls and creative DIY projects.

Embrace your space with wallmonkeys! Shop Now!

Wall Monkeys is here to help you make your space your own with our collection of wall decals, murals and sticker sets. Our reusable decals are customizable and tailor-made to match your space with different sizing and custom options. To get started customizing your space, explore our collection of decal designs or visit our create your own decal page!

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