10 Decorating Ideas With Wall Decals For Your Kitchen

10 Decorating Ideas With Wall Decals For Your Kitchen

Did you know that one of the most commonly remodeled areas of the home is the kitchen? You may not even be aware of how much a kitchen can influence your entire mood throughout the day, but consider that it's where you take stock of one of your most fundamental needs: Food. It's also where many people start their day, spend time with family, and enjoy the finer things in life. If your kitchen needs love, we've got wall decals that will sweep it off its feet-- or its vinyl laminate flooring.

Rooster Wall Decal


Give your roost a boost with roosters on the move! These wall decals can add a rustic touch to your kitchen, without the straw and barn smell. Fits well throughout the year, and easy to remove and replace. What's not to love?

Fruit Wall Decals

Are you getting enough fruit in your diet? This won't change that, but it will provide you with a gentle reminder to add a little more Vitamin C to your diet. Display these fruit wall decals in your kitchen to add a little juice into your decor displays. 

Bacon Wall Decal

Bacon is one of America's most beloved forms of meat, and now you can put it on your walls! Use this sizzling bacon wall decal with caution: it may bring on some extreme hunger!

Pig Wall Decal

Pigs are cute, pink, and believe it or not, about as intelligent as a dog! They've been said to make good and loyal pets. Let this simple pig silhouette wall decal add some easy-to-apply decor to your kitchen walls! 

Faux Window Wall Mural

No windows? No problem! This scenic wall mural gives you the illusion of a window. Every day will be bright, sunny, and blue, even when the weather outside doesn't cooperate with the narrative. Get with the program, nature.

Sunflower Wall Decal

Add a little harmony and balance to your kitchen with this stylish sunflower wall decal! Now you can have a little zen and nature to go with that morning coffee.

Vegetable Wall Decal


Sometimes, your kitchen will be the only place to get fresh greens in the day. Fast food restaurants and coffee carts don't exactly serve up helping servings of spinach to go with those doughnuts and double cheeseburgers. Get this vegetable wall decal, and remind yourself that you can be a lean, green machine.

Frying Pan Wall Decal

Cast iron is one of the best innovations ever introduced into the kitchen, and now you can celebrate all that these wonderful tools can accomplish with an entire fried breakfast decal, featured in one of these marvelous pans. We aren't saying cast iron is the best thing for cookery; but we are saying these decals are sure to spice up your kitchen decor!

Fried Egg Wall Decal


Pound for pound, eggs are one of the most “complete” foods that a person can buy. You get tons of protein, amino acids, and important vitamins, along with healthy fats and cholesterol that can help to kick start your day. Stick this decal on your wall, and everyone will know that you're a sophisticated and distinguishing gourmand who knows how to break out of their shell and keep their mood sunny side up.

Gerbera Daisy Wall Decal

Adding a splash of color to your kitchen can be just what the doctor ordered! These delightful daisy wall decals will blast your humdrum kitchen with some fun rainbow power. 

You can mix it up a lot by changing up size the size and placement of various wall decals for your kitchen. Choose a striking design that matches your decor, or order multiple decals to create a theme. Check out our entire collection of wall decals and stickers, or design your own kitchen decor by making a custom wall decal at WallMonkeys!

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