10 of the Best Fruit Wall Decals

10 of the Best Fruit Wall Decals

Fresh, ripe and ready to eat, you can’t go wrong with fruit! While our wall decals and murals may not be edible, they can be just as colorful and fun to add to your environment. Just like your favorite fruits, our stickers are easy to peel and enjoy! Give your atmosphere a touch of color with ten of our favorite fruit wall decal themes, hand-picked by the staff here at Wall Monkeys.

Berry Decal Collections


Liven up your kitchen with a dazzling display of delectable delights. This collection of berries wall decal is always in season. We've picked the freshest, ripest fruit, and pressed it into this decal to liven up your walls!

Pineapple Wall Decals


This pineapple wall decal is exactly what you need to add a little gold to your wall. Tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside, pineapple always packs a punch. Add some flair to your walls with this tropical pineapple decal. 

Apple Wall Decals

Only the reddest, roundest apples were chosen for this apple decal. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, just like an apple decal keeps boring walls away! These decals would make a great addition to any kitchen, or a unique gift for your child's favorite teacher!

Healthy Fruit Smoothie Wall Decals


A beverage for the true heroes and champions of breakfast, the smoothie combines all of the best things about fruit! Now you can enjoy a wall decal of a healthy kiwi fruit smoothie wherever and whenever you want. 

Heart Shaped Fruit Wall Decals

Now you can tell the world just how much you love fruit with these crisp, sharp cherry heart wall decals, ready to peel-and-stick straight to your wall!

Cute Cartoon Fruit Wall Decals

Deliver a basket of smiles and giggles with this bubbly set of cartoon fruit wall stickers, stylized and drawn to make any wall appear more vibrant and fun! These cute cartoons feature pineapples, but with Wall Monkey's large selection of decals and sticker sets, you can find the perfect depiction of your favorite fruit!

Splashing Fruit Wall Murals


Dip your wall in a little bit of zest with this lime wall mural, delivering a splash of flavor onto even the blandest of surfaces. Refreshing and intriguing, it will give any room the “twist” it's been missing.

Orange Wall Decals


Who needs the sun when you have this crisp orange wall decal? Sure, it may not help your plants grow, but we'd rather wake up to this every day. We're not always morning people, but if the sun looked this good, we'd find a reason to get up early.

Citrus Fruit Wall Decals

The perfect blend of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit, without all of the messy clean up. This citrus wall decal's sure to be a big hit in any kitchen, but it could look just as nice just as a work of art on its own. 

Retro Fruit Wall Decals

Finally, we've got a touch of retro to go with that serving of fruit. These fun pixel fruit stickers are great on their own, or all together. Slice and dice them just how you want.

With their simple, peel and stick application, it's easy to get your daily serving of fruit with Wall Monkeys. Check out the rest of our collection today, and get the freshest, peel-and-stick produce delivered right to your door! Not a big fan of fruit? Create your own custom wall decal featuring your favorite type of food or anything you like with Wall Monkeys easy-to-use create your own decal tool!

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