9 of the Best St. Patricks Day Wall Decal Themes

9 of the Best St. Patricks Day Wall Decal Themes

St. Patrick's Day is a day of celebration like no other. From leprechauns to four leaf clovers to green beer and pots of gold, there are tons of different elements that come into play with this one-of-a-kind holiday. If you're throwing a St. Patrick's Day party or just wanting to get in the spirit with some seasonal decor, Wall Monkeys has got your back! Our easy to apply peel-and-stick wall decals are the perfect solution for holiday decorating. Once the holiday is over you can easily and quickly remove your decals without any harm to your walls!

Here are nine of our favorite St. Patrick's Day wall decal ideas for the big, green day ahead:

Shamrock Wall Decals


Your chances of finding a four leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000. It may sound pretty lucky on paper, but considering that clovers spring up in fields all over the world, finding one isn't quite as rare as you might think. Finding a great wall decal of one, on the other hand, means that you've hit the jackpot. Go ahead and celebrate with this vibrant four-leaf clover wall decal

Leprechaun Wall Decals

There are few mythological creatures that are as iconic as the leprechaun. These small, bearded men are known to hide coins, play pranks, and in their original mythology, also grant three wishes if they were caught. In modern mythology,  leprechauns are associated with rainbows and pots of gold (and, of course, keeping children from eating sugary cereal. Celebrate leprechauns in all of their green glory with one of these fun leprechaun wall decals.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Murals

Show off your holiday spirit with a colorful and fun Happy St. Patrick's Day wall mural. Wall Monkeys' decals are easy to apply and easy to remove so you can decorate for the holiday with no hassle!

Irish Flag Wall Murals

Celebrate the nation of Ireland itself with one of these fetching flag wall decals. Did you know that the colors of the Irish flag represent the peace between the Gaelic tradition and the followers of William the III of England? He was also known as “William the Orange,” because he was a sovereign in the Principality of Orange, which is now modern France. Impress your friends at the bar with that trivia, and when you get home, bask in the glow of one of these fine decals.

Leprechaun Hat Wall Decals

Leprechauns are often depicted as wearing green, but they originally wore a great deal of red. Their buckle hats are a reference to their older style of dress, which was often militaristic. A lot has changed over the years, but we still look fondly on the image of the Leprechaun's lucky hat. This decal is sure to be a hit at St. Patty's Day celebrations of all kinds. 

Pots of Gold Wall Decals

Normally, you might think that you would have to chase down a rainbow to get a pot of gold, but that's no longer the case. Now you can get one of these pot o' gold wall decals, peel it and stick it to your wall! Finding treasure has never been easier!

Rainbow Wall Decals


Rainbows have long been a symbol of hope and good times ahead. It's no wonder, because they often show up after a storm, when the clouds clear away and sunlight breaks through the gloom. These colorful rainbow decals are the perfect solution for your office, home or anywhere that could use a little St. Patrick's Day celebratory spirit. 

Funny Animal Wall Decals

What holiday would be complete without animals wearing cute, themed costumes? Skip the hassle of dressing up your own pet and place a fun animal decal on your walls! This spirited leprechaun cat mural would make a great addition to any space, but we think it would make a particularly cute addition to a veterinarian's office!

St. Patrick's Day Wall Murals

Wall murals are always in style, and here is a St. Patrick's Day wall mural to prove the point. They're green they're fun, and they're easy to stick on your wall. 

Looking for more ways to get a little luck of the Irish? Want to stock up on decals for other holidays? Just head on over to Wall Monkeys for thousands of wall murals and decal designs. They're easy to order, quick to ship, and they won't cost you a pot of gold, either.

Not seeing the right decal for you? With Wall Monkeys' easy-to-use create your own custom decal tool, you can let your creativity take control and create the perfect decal for you. 

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