7 of the Best Halloween Wall Decal Themes

7 of the Best Halloween Wall Decal Themes

Some see Halloween as a night dedicated to scaring your friends, donning spooky masks, and embracing your creepy side. Others view it as an excuse to wear a cute costume and enjoy a fun night trick-or-treating with friends.

Part of the fun in Halloween also comes from decorating your home to attract trick or treaters or party-goers. Don't just stop with decorating the outside of your house! If you're throwing a Halloween party, you want to make the inside of your home just as enticing and spooky.

Wall Monkeys offers thousands of Halloween wall decals, ranging from adorable to eerie. A seasonal décor theme will attract customers to your store, or make your Halloween party the talk of the town. Get into the holiday spirit with some of these great Halloween decorating ideas!

Jack O Lanterns

A Jack-O-Lantern theme is a classic way to decorate for Halloween. Why limit your Jack-O-Lantern displays to outside? These Jack-O-Lantern wall decals are a perfect way to make your business or home festive for the holidays, without being tacky or spending a large amount of money. Accessorize with pumpkin wall graphics in any room. The gleaming faces of these cheeky Jack-O-Lanterns are sure to brighten up a room and scare away any ghosts or spirits. Best of all, there's no mess to deal with!


Monsters and Characters

Monsters are prominent in almost every scary story. Bring these haunting tales to life with a spooky monster wall décor theme! Decorate your home with wall decals of witches, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, black cats, and spooky monsters of all kinds! Whether you're looking for kid-friendly cartoon monsters, or more scary illustrations for the older crowd, Wall Monkeys has something for everyone.



Pair off your monster wall decals with a horror theme! A bloody hand print wall mural is perfect for creating a scary horror scene in your home or business. Purchase multiple hand prints to create a theme; was there a horrific murder, or maybe the Zombie Apocalypse is happening? These horror wall decals are a perfect way to freak out your friends on the scariest night of the year.

Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are a classic part of Halloween. Everyone has been through one at least once, whether it was a truly terrifying maze or a simple, kid-friendly experience. Pair your spooky haunted house with some ghost and bat wall decals to complete the look. Turn your home or office into the spookiest haunted house on the block: the possibilities are endless with Wall Monkeys' haunted house decals!

Halloween Banners

Banners are a creative, inexpensive way to decorate doors or other small areas in your home or store. The bright, eerie colors of these Halloween banners are a great way to add a pop of color to a dark holiday. Halloween banner wall murals can be displayed separately, or all in a row in one room. Banners are a very versatile design option, allowing you to create themes, add color, or cover small areas in a creative way.

Full Moon Wall Murals

For an out of this world theme, Wall Monkeys offers spooky full moon wall murals. Set your spooky Halloween decor apart from the rest with a full moon theme! Wall Monkeys has thousands of Halloween-inspired wall decals so you're sure to find the right moon decal for your space!

Halloween Wall Decal Packages


If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, Wall Monkeys also has a few Halloween-themed wall decal sticker packages. Wall decal packages from Wall Monkeys are a cost-effective decorating option, giving you multiple graphics for just one price. This gives you a better deal compared to buying the decals a la carte. Wall decal packages also give you several decorating possibilities. Assemble the pieces any way you like on one wall to create a fun scene, or scatter each of the pieces along multiple walls for a more open composition.  

Halloween decals from Wall Monkeys are a great way to decorate your home or business. All of the above wall decal themes allow you to create any mood you want, but don't let these seven ideas limit you! Decorate using ideas from each or multiple categories, or become inspired to create your own theme. Wall Monkeys has an easy-to-use design your own custom decal tool so you can create you won one-of-a-kind Halloween decor! 

Don't get spooked out by placing these decals on your walls: when the holiday is over, the decals can be removed without damaging your walls or chipping any paint. Simply place them back on their backing paper and store them away until next year! Whether you want a scary, cute, or refined theme for Halloween, Wall Monkeys has the decals for you. Come check out our collection today, and make your Halloween party a night to remember! 

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