7 Themes for Decorating with Harvest Wall Decals

7 Themes for Decorating with Harvest Wall Decals

Autumn is the time of year for crunchy leaves, chilly weather and good food galore. At Wall Monkeys, we like to celebrate this time of year with some harvest time and Thanksgiving-inspired wall decals. Here are 7 fun harvest time decals, perfect for decorating any space with seasonal decor:

Thanksgiving Wall Decals


Fall means Thanksgiving, and for many of us that means good times and great food. If you're hosting your own Thanksgiving feast or just wanting to decorate for the holiday, an easy-to-apply Happy Thanksgiving wall decal will do the trick! 

Cornucopia Harvest Decals

The ol' “Horn of Plenty” is an iconic staple of the harvest theme. You can rest assured knowing that this cornucopia wall decal is perfect for showing off your love of the season in all of its forms.  

Cornucopia Wall Decals

Here's another cornucopia decal, perfect for setting the stage for your big Thanksgiving dinner! Place this peel-and-stick decal anywhere you'll be gathering with friends and family.


The big orange pumpkins that you usually see grinning around the 31st aren't the only variety around. In fact, there are hundreds of different gourd vegetables out there. Even pumpkins themselves really run the spectrum between orange, green, bumpy, lumpy, smooth, round, long, and everything in between. Show of your love for seasonal squash with a pumpkin decal!

Gourd Wall Decals

Did we hear a call for more gourds? Here's a watercolor pumpkin and gourd decal, perfect for any space that could use a touch of fall!

Turkey Wall Decals

Would it be the fall without turkeys? Probably not. These flightless fowl never fail to gobble up the limelight when the leaves change and the air gets crisp. Now you can celebrate your love of all things turkey with turkey wall decals, ranging from photo-realistic to illustrated to cartoons. We've got so many options, you'll be stuffed, and probably a little sleepy. Just save room for a few pie decals!  

Peel & Stick Leaf Wall Mural

Last but not least, we've got a very nice wall mural of the changing fall leaves. From emerald to ruby, these leaves show that wonderful gradient that you will get to see every time you look at the walls in your seasonally decorated space!

Now that you've seen some of Wall Monkeys' best Thanksgiving and harvest wall decals, go and make your home as bountiful as your big meal. Why limit your centerpieces to the dining room table? Pair off these autumn wall decorations with some football wall decals- perfect for watching the Thanksgiving game, before sleeping off all that turkey.

Not seeing the right Thanksgiving decals for you? Create your own custom decal featuring whatever you're thankful for with Wall Monkeys' design your own decal tool!

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