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The Best Surfaces for Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Decals

The Best Surfaces for Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Decals

At Wall Monkeys, we specialize in creating easy-to-apply vinyl decals, murals and sticker sets to help you embrace your space. Our custom wall decals and versatile designs are a quick, stress-free and creative way to make a statement with your décor.

While they make a great solution for adding one-of-a-kind accents to walls, Wall Monkeys can also be used to upgrade your space on all kinds of surfaces! From floors to windows to doors, Wall Monkeys’ durable vinyl decals offer a convenient peel-and-stick solution that’s easy to apply and quick to remove. To help you decide the best spot for your vinyl decal, we’ve put together this go-to guide on The Best Surfaces for Wall Monkeys:

Surfaces for Vinyl Decals
Carpet Floors
Hard Floors
Decal Placement Do's & Don'ts


social distancing decal

Wall Monkeys’ vinyl stick-on decals can adhere to all kinds of flooring, including some carpet surfaces. For businesses and companies with high-traffic carpeted areas, floor decals can be a great way to liven up a space, or a great way to keep customers safe with social distancing decals.

To make the most out of your Wall Monkeys, here are some basic guidelines for sticking your decals to carpet surfaces:

  • Our decals stick most securely to low pile and durable carpet floors
  • Avoid sticking your decals to high pile and plush carpeting for the best performance
  • Thoroughly clean and dry carpet flooring before applying your decal to remove any dust or debris
  • Make sure your Wall Monkey’s self-adhesive backing is securely smoothed over your carpet surface with no air bubbles
design your own custom floor decal, perfect for offices and spaces with low pile carpeting

Hard Floors

Stand here social distancing floor decal on wooden floor
Wall Monkeys vinyl cat decal on concrete

Just like carpeting, Wall Monkeys can peel-and-stick to all kinds of hard flooring surfaces. Most wood, tile, laminate, smooth concrete, vinyl and linoleum surfaces are all safe places to securely stick your decals.

To make sure your Wall Monkeys vinyl decal stays put on your floor surfaces, make sure to clean and completely dry the area before application. Start from one corner and smooth out your decal across your flooring, smoothing out any air bubbles. With proper application, your Wall Monkeys floor decal will stay put even in areas that see decent amount of foot traffic.


Classroom decal on teacher desk

Add a special touch to your desk with a decal! Wall Monkeys’ durable vinyl adhesive material can seamlessly stick to wooden desks at work, in home offices and in classrooms.

To add a special touch to your classroom, check out our custom teacher decals, made specifically for desks! Plus, for easy and smooth installation on your desk or any smooth surface, squeegees are available as an add-on to Wall Monkeys’ orders to help with easy installation.


Wooden door with cactus decal stickers

Decals make a great addition to any smooth-surfaced doors. Just like on a wall, our vinyl self-adhesive decals are easy to apply and quick to remove, making them perfect for dorm, classroom or apartment doors.

*Wall Monkeys are designed for indoor use, before sticking your decal on any exterior doors, keep in mind that outdoor weather may affect the lifetime of your decal.


Whiteboard on stand with Menu decal

The smooth surfaces of whiteboards are perfect for Wall Monkeys. Add a custom decal to the whiteboard in your classroom, restaurant, office or home to add an extra element of personalization.

Remember to make sure your surface is completely dry before applying your decal to ensure it sticks properly to slick surfaces like whiteboards.


Political democrat and republican decals in windows

Our durable vinyl decals are built to stick and stay on any smooth surface, including windows! Show off your political opinion, get into the seasonal spirit by decorating your windows with holiday decals, or get creative by creating your own custom window decals.

*It’s important to keep in mind that Wall Monkeys have adhesive on the reverse side of the decal. In order to be seen from the outside, the decal will need to be placed on the outside of the window.


sting ray wall decals over desk

Wall Monkeys are built to peel, stick, stay and be easily removed from your walls without causing any damage! Here are some basic guidelines for placing your decals on your walls:
  • Wall Monkeys decals stick best to smooth walls and surfaces like drywall
  • For walls with light texture, your decals will most likely stick and stay in place, just be sure to avoid areas with too much texture and remember to smooth out any air bubbles
  • For heavily textured walls and cement or brick surfaces, decals may have trouble adhering and you should test out your decal before making a final placement

General Tips & Tricks for Making the Most Out of Your Decal

WM decal placed on floor

  • Our vinyl decals adhere best to smooth and dry surfaces
  • Avoid rough surfaces and high pile, plush carpeting
  • For the best results, clean and dry the surface of your choice before applying your decal
  • Add a squeegee to your order for help with smoothing out air bubbles and easy application
  • Floor Decals adhere best to smooth hard flooring and low pile carpeting
  • Window decals have adhesive on the reverse side, and should be placed accordingly
  • Our durable decals can stick to many outdoor surfaces, but keep in mind weather and harsh conditions may affect the lifetime quality of your decal
  • Our vinyl decals are built to peel and stick without damaging any of the surfaces in your space

Our durable, high-quality vinyl decals are built to peel and stick to all types of smooth surfaces! Get creative with your decal placement and find out how Wall Monkeys can upgrade your space!

Wall Monkeys is here to help you personalize your space and make it your own! Our collection of wall decals, murals and sticker sets are available with all kinds of sizing and custom options to help you embrace your space.

Show us how you’re using your Wall Monkeys decals on carpet, floors and in all kinds of creative spaces by snapping a picture and sharing it with us @WallMonkeys. To get started with customizing your space with decals, check out our create your own decal page.

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