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Top 10 Dog Breeds That Make the Best Wall Decals

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Make the Best Wall Decals

If you’re destined to spend your days indoors, there’s no better way to show off your love for your canine companion than decorating your walls with dog-themed decals! You can proudly display your favorite type of pup anywhere there’s a wall that’s looking a little lonely. Wallmonkeys is here to help you put your love for man’s best friend on display with tons of picture-perfect dog wall murals, decals and stickers that peel, stick, sit and stay. Check out our list of dog breeds that make the best decals to see if the breed of your favorite furry friend made the top 10! 


If your workday is filled with long hours and lab reports, why not add Labradors? Labrador Retriever wall decals are a great way to brighten up any room! Lab and Labrador puppy wall decals are a great option for bringing your fluffy best friend to work with you without having any distractions, and they make an excellent wall decor option for veterinary offices and lobbies! 


Show the world how passionate you are about your pet and deck the walls with poodle decals! Add decals and wall stickers of these posh pups to your children’s rooms, or use them as a quick way to liven up your office walls! Whether you pick a fancy french poodle wall decal for bedroom decor or you pick a realistic poodle vinyl wall sticker for your home office, you can’t go wrong with these classic canines!

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever decals make for some of the best doggone wall decor you can get! As a longtime favorite breed for families and people everywhere, Golden Retriever wall decals and stickers are always a fan favorite. Place Golden Retriever decals in your children’s playroom or bedrooms, or add a golden ray of Retriever sunshine to your workday by placing one of these decals in your home office! 


Rottweilers make great family pets, guard dogs and decals! Rottweiler decor is the perfect way to show that you’re the top dog. Show everyone you mean business by decking out your office walls at work or in your home office with Rottweiler decals and wall stickers. 

German Shepherds

German Shepherd wall decals are the perfect way to show everyone that you’re the coolest canine on the block. Add adorable German Shepherd puppy decals to your walls to liven up any living space! Or, if your little ones can’t get enough of the family pet, these German Shepherd decals also make for easy-to-apply kid’s bedroom decorations! 

French Bulldogs

Having a ruff day? French Bulldog wall decals are the perfect way to add a happy touch to your wall decor! Gift French Bulldog decals and wall stickers as a perfect present for any fans of all things Frenchie, or for any dog lovers. 


If you’re looking for a way to change up your wall decor, you’re barking up the right tree! Beagles are the perfect hound dogs for decorative decals. Add Beagle decals or wall stickers to your home, office or anywhere you might end up missing the sight of your favorite dog breed! Beagle wall decals are also great for making any wall more kid-friendly in home classrooms, playrooms, pediatric doctor’s offices and daycares!


Get a long little doggie decal for your walls! Dachshunds, wiener dogs, sausage dogs, no matter what you choose to call them, these pint-sized pups make a statement. You can find wall decor that celebrates your favorite type of dachshund whether it’s got luxurious long-haired locks or if it’s a sporty short-haired dachshund. These fun short-legged dachshund decals are sure to be a hit wherever they are, but they make an extra perfect addition to classrooms (especially homeschool classrooms!)  and nurseries where kids can see and enjoy them!


Pembroke Welsh Corgis are little pups with big personalities! Corgi wall decals are perfect for making your kitchen into a Corgi cafe or making every day at your office take your pup to work day. Pembroke Welsh Corgi decals are here to help put personality and puppy love into all of your wall decorations!


With Yorkshire Terrier wall decals, the dog days are here to stay! These tiny terriers are great for bringing extra cuteness to all of the walls in your home! Add Yorkie decals and stickers to the walls of your bedroom, kid’s playroom, living room or any room. For extra adorable wall decor, pick out a decal that features young Yorkie puppies!

Whether you prefer Pugs, Poodles or Pomeranians, there’s always a wall that could use a little puppy love! Liven up all of your indoor walls and show off your love for your favorite breed with dog decals.

Didn’t see your favorite breed? Don’t worry, Wallmonkeys is here to help you ditch dreary walls with a huge selection dog decals of all breeds and sizes. Or, if you’re looking for a decal that looks exactly like your four-legged friend, you can create a custom decal featuring the perfect picture of your pup! 

Whether you’re into dogs, cats, planes, trains or sports, Wallmonkeys has a large collection of thousands of wall decals, stickers and wall murals so you can decorate your walls with whatever you want!

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