Animal Wall Decal Packages: 10 Cute Families

Animal Wall Decal Packages: 10 Cute Families

Does your child love animals? Wall Monkeys has a cute selection of animal wall decal packages for your child's bedroom. There are many different wall decal packages that are perfect for a nursery, little boy’s room, or little girl’s room. If you are a teacher, these adorable animal families will look great in your preschool, kindergarten classroom, or daycare center. Here are ten great choices of spender-savvy animal families to spruce up your walls!

Unicorn Family Wall Decal Sticker Set

For the girl who loves magic and horses, this package featuring cute white unicorns is the perfect choice for her room. This affordable wall sticker set comes with a family of unicorns and adorable pink stars. Group them all together, or stick the stars above the horses to create a beautiful pink sky. Have fun letting your daughter help plan out where she wants to place her unicorn family.  


Shark Wall Decal Sticker Set

Many little boys enjoy sharks and would enjoy having them on their walls! This cute wall decal set gives you multiple sharks to place on your child's wall. It also provides a great value to those looking to save a little time and money; rather than purchasing each shark separately, this set of easy-to-apply wall decals are all sold together at just one price. 

Monkey Wall Decals

Are you looking for something fun and cheerful to add to your daycare walls or kid's bedroom? WallMonkeys decals have an easy peel and stick application process, making them a great option for quick and easy decorating! Check out our monkey family wall decal set, complete with a tree and bananas for extra added fun! 


Frog Wall Decal Sticker Set

This adorable frog animal family wall sticker set is perfect for a bedroom or nursery. If you're waiting to see if you have a boy or girl, a frog theme is perfect for a gender-neutral room. The green colors will go well with any other gender neutral baby décor! It is also a good wall decal for bouncy kids who enjoy hopping around.

Dinosaur Family Wall Decal Sticker Set

These cute dinos will feel right at home in your baby's nursery, and the green colors also allow for a gender-neutral setting. This family wall decal package provides a variety of different dinosaurs, saving you the trouble of purchasing them individually. Each little dinosaur is also drawn slightly different to add some personality and character to your child's room!

Pony Family Wall Decal Sticker Set

Here is a wall decal set for little girls who adore ponies, or little cowboys looking to decorate their room with a few trusty steeds. This family of horse wall decals also offers a great value, with six different pony decals to place on your wall, along with bales of hay and picket fences.

Animal Family Tiger Wall Decal Set

Here is another family of animal wall decals that would be wonderful in a gender-neutral nursery or children's bedroom. Purchase this decal collection by itself, or along with other animals such as monkeys, zebras, or lions to create a whole jungle themed room.

Animal Family Turtle Wall Decal Set

This adorable collection of a cartoon turtle family will work very well in your child's bedroom or playroom. It offers a wonderful value just like the others, providing you with a mom and dad turtle, and three baby turtles. Having a variety of differently styled illustrations will give the room a lot more personality!

Bunny Wall Decal Sticker Set

These cute fluffy bunnies are ready to hop into your child's room! There is even a little carrot garden for the bunnies to eat. Place all of the rabbits around the carrot garden, or have the garden off to the side next to just one bunny. These cute bunny rabbit wall decals will bring smiles to any child's face!

Sheep Wall Sticker Set

Is your child having trouble sleeping at night? Purchase this wall decal family of sheep for them to count when they can't catch any Z's. These cute fluffy sheep will look great on your child's wall, day or night. It even comes with a few cute flowers and fences to add to your sheep arrangement. It's a package deal, with multiple different decals, for one great price!

Any of these collections of animal family wall decals would make a great addition to your walls. Wall Monkeys offers a wide selection of cute animal wall decal packages for you to choose from. Take a look to find the collection that will best fit with your nursery, child's bedroom, or daycare center! 

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