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Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics
  • Custom Wall Graphics
  • Custom Wall Graphics
  • Custom Wall Graphics
  • Custom Wall Graphics
  • Wall mural sizing guide showcasing the three most popular mural sizes.

Custom Wall Graphics

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Custom wall graphics (or wall decals) are the perfect way to bring your home office, living room, bedroom or workspace to life.

Our custom wall graphics are available in sizes ranging from 12" up to 72", making them perfect for a variety of uses such as graduation parties, events, and enhancing the ambiance of bedrooms, living rooms, or home offices. You can easily transfer and relocate our wall murals without any risk of damaging your walls. 

Use our wall graphics to display your own custom made graphic designs or upload an image or personal photo. Simply upload your image and select the size of the wall graphic you would like. Our graphics specialists will review your image and make sure your it is easily visible before printing, 100% free of charge!

Our peel & stick wall graphics are printed on our premium vinyl adhesive, which can be easily applied, transferred to the wall, removed (if needed) and stuck again, all residue-free!

Need a larger size? Create your Custom Wall Mural here

Ordering is Super Easy!

When you place your custom order, here’s what will happen

All you have to do:

• Select your product size and upload a file of your photo. It’s really that simple.

* Note: The maximum width of this product is limited to 48" - which requires that either the horizontal or vertical size remains at 48" or less.

What we do next (100% Free of Charge!)

• We’ll review your artwork for quality and resolution before we begin printing.
• Remove any unnecessary background, so only what you want to appear in your wall decal is left.
• Upon request, we can provide you with a digital proof.
• Your artwork will be sized proportionally to the longest side  ̶̶  horizontal images will be sized according to their width and vertical images will be sized according to their height.
• Your order is printed in-house and on demand. And, of course, customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

    *Note: Custom orders are not eligible for return.

    Have a special request like printing in black and white or mirroring the image? We can do that! Simply Contact Us and we can get a custom order started for you!

    Material Properties


    • Semi-gloss
    • Semi-waterproof
    • Removable & reusable
    • White opaque material (not translucent)
    • Self-adhesive backing that can be easily removed & transferred

    Vinyl wall graphics will stick to nearly any smooth surface including walls, glass, floors, windows and more. We recommend that your decals and stickers be placed on interior surfaces as Wallmonkeys are not designed for outdoor use.

    Production & Shipping

    All orders are printed and shipped within 1-3 business days. Proofs are available within 1 business day from placing your order.

    If your order requires a proof, production may be delayed while adjustments are made and your approval to continue is given.

     *Expedited shipping is available upon request. View our expedited shipping FAQ here


    Installing a Wallmonkeys graphics has never been easier. Follow the steps below to see your new custom wall decal displaying in no time:

    1. Leave decal unrolled and laying flat. For sizes 36” and larger, we recommend that you leave your decal unrolled and laying overnight to prevent rolling.
    2. Clean and prepare your surface with a dry cloth to remove any dust or chemicals. You can use a damp cloth to help remove and grease or stains.
    3. Carefully remove your wall decal from the backing paper. We recommend having extra hands to help for sizes 36" and above.
    4. Firmly smooth the surface of your decal to the wall by starting at the center and pushing outwards. Remove and reapply corners to release air bubbles.

    For complete information, see our detailed installation instructions here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use Wallmonkeys decals outside?
  • No, our vinyl wall decals are designed for indoor use only.

  • Will the white background be removed from my decal?
  • Yes, any all-white background will peel away when the decal is placed on the wall. More intricate designs may require a small white border for easier application.

  • Do I have to place each letter separately?
  • No, your entire quote will be on transfer tape, known for being extremely easy to install. The transparency allows you to see where you are placing the decal. Simply remove the backing paper and place the quote wherever you want!

  • Can I see a preview of my order before it prints?
  • Yes, a digital proof is available within 1 business day on request. Request one in the notes section at checkout.