8 of the Most Popular Day Spa Wall Mural Themes

8 of the Most Popular Day Spa Wall Mural Themes

A day spa should be a soothing place where you can unwind and relax. People enjoy being able to take some time from their hectic lives to pamper themselves. If you own a day spa, it is important to create this peaceful environment for your clients. Wall decals are the perfect way to add beautiful decor to your business without ruining any walls! Wall Monkeys can help you turn your day spa into a relaxing oasis with some of our great spa wall murals and decals:

Spa Collage Wall Murals

A great wall mural to have in your lobby when your clients arrive is a spa collage. A collage wall mural is a perfect way to show off everything that your spa has to offer. One of the best things you can do to enhance your day spa is to add images of the services you offer. Many people are drawn to things they see. If someone looks very relaxed in a mural showing a massage, or has a beautiful manicure, your client may decide they want to add that service to their visit, or schedule a future appointment! It helps to set the mood for a day of natural, healthy relaxation.

Pedicure and Pedispa Wall Murals


If your day spa offers pedicures to your clients, be sure to add a beautiful pedicure wall mural. Seeing an image of the pedicure services you offer might entice your clients to schedule their own pedicure appointment!

Exfoliating Mask and Facial Massage Wall Murals

Nothing says relaxation and comfort better than the face of someone who is enjoying an exfoliating mask and facial massage. This is how you want all of your guests to feel! Place this face mask and relaxing collage mural on your wall to show your guests that their comfort is important to you.

Acupuncture Wall Murals

Acupuncture is an Ancient Chinese Medicine that helps many people unwind and de-stress from their problems. If this is a service offered in your day spa, add an acupuncture wall decal to your business. Make sure your guests know that you offer this relaxing service and you might receive more acupuncture bookings!

Stone Massage Wall Murals

This relaxing wall decal shows a happy customer enjoying a hot stone massage. Your guest will enjoy looking at this image as they wait to begin their relaxation journey in the lobby. This image shows exactly how every client wants to feel when they head to your day spa! Let your customers know you care about them feeling happy and relaxed with massage wall murals.

Manicure Wall Decals

While having images of nail polish can be artistic and fun, having a wall decal of a beautiful manicure will also please your clients. If you choose a contour cut manicure wall decal, you will be able to place it on any color wall, and there will be no background to obscure or distract from your walls. At Wall Monkeys you can find the best manicure wall mural that will fit in with your spa’s style!

Spa Still Life Wall Murals

Let customers know it's time to unwind and relax! A spa wall mural depicting massage stones, candles, and flowers is sure to help your guests unwind.

Custom Logo Wall Decals

You can’t forget one of the most important parts of decor for your day spa! Wall Monkeys offers a variety of business decal packages where you can upload your company logo and have it turned into custom wall decor! Having your logo in a few visible places will help with your day spa's branding and help to create a trustworthy, professional appearance. 

Enhancing your day spa with wall decals is important to help your guests relax and enjoy themselves. Remember that when people see something they like, they will want it! Wall Monkeys has a large selection of spa wall murals and decals to help you pick the right ones for your business. Plus, don’t forget to order a custom logo decal to display on a featured wall or behind the reception desk!

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