Dance Silhouette Wall Decals: 7 Best Packages

Dance Silhouette Wall Decals: 7 Best Packages

Dancing is something everyone can enjoy. Whether you head bang at metal shows, break it down to rap, or twirl on pointe to Tchaikovsky, dancing brings happiness to everyone.

WallMonkeys’ wall decals allow you to express your favorite dance styles, or just add an edgy touch to any room. WallMonkeys offers wall sticker packages, including animals, sports silhouettes, cars, and of course, dancers.

A dance silhouette wall decal package from WallMonkeys makes a great present to congratulate a dancer after a recital, or encourage a novice to keep pursuing their passion. If you own a dance studio or a store that sells dance shoes or costumes, these dance silhouette wall decals also make fantastic decorations.


Pink Ballet Silhouette Set

Ballerinas are masters of elegance and balance. They study for years to master the art of ballet, and are put under ridiculous pressure to be the best at their craft. Show your love for this art form with this ballet wall decal package, or show your support for a dancer by giving it as a gift. 

Break Dancer Silhouette - Style 1

A simple silhouette decal for a style of dance that is anything but simple. Break dancing is intriguing to watch and exhilarating to do. Break dancers combine balance, rhythm, and gymnastics to do complicated tricks like balancing on their head. How cool would that look on your wall?

Break Dancer Silhouette  - Style 2

If the previous sticker package just didn’t have enough for your taste, or if you’d like to add some more break dance poses to your wall, try this decal set as well!

Dance Silhouettes Wall Mural

No matter what type of dancer you are or your child is, this decal is the perfect decor for any wall! Or, if you apply these graphics in a dance store, this package is sure to add an interesting pop to your walls.

Hip Hop Break Dancer Silhouette Wall Decal 

Break dancing started in New York City in the 1940s and then spread to other countries including the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Russia and South Korea. In other words, break dancing is as American as apple pie! Show your support for America’s original dance style with this decal package!

Break Dancers Silhouette Collection - Grunge Brick Style

The brick wall pattern of this decal package isn't just cool to look at- there's history behind it! When break dancing first became popular in the Bronx, break dancers would have dance-offs called cyphers. This pattern is reminiscent of the cities where break dancing competitions got their roots.

Graffiti Wall Decals - Urban Silhouette Wall Sticker Set

Here’s a fun fact: There are four major moves in b-boying: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes. All the b-boys in this decal package are freezing, which means they are in still poses! Add this decal to any aspiring break dancer's room for dance inspiration!

WallMonkeys’ dance silhouette wall decal packages make great gifts for dancers, and also a creative way to decorate a dance shop. The variety of these decal packages allows you to decide whether you want a simple black silhouette or a colorful, patterned decal. Come check out the rest of our collection today, and find the perfect wall decal package to give as a gift, or for your kid's themed room!


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