11 Popular Beach Wall Decal Themes

11 Popular Beach Wall Decal Themes

Looking to catch up on your daily recommended value of sun, wave, and sand? These warm beach-themed wall decals and murals from Wall Monkeys might be the perfect solution! Turn up the heat, mix up a pina colada, and just lie back and bask in the glow of some of our favorite beach wall decals.

Seashell Wall Decals

These modern fossils can wash up on beaches around the world, regardless of where they originate, and quickly become incorporated into baubles which are sold to tourists for a tidy sum. Speaking of tides, here are a few more great seashell wall decals that can wash up on your walls.

Starfish Wall Decals


Did you know that the starfish's stomach is actually at the center of its body, along with its mouth? Starfish are strange creatures. They're also pretty to look at, which is why they're among some of our favorite beach-themed decals, whatever the season. Make a wish upon this star decal by placing it on the walls at your beach house, office or bedroom. 

Coral Reef Wall Decals


Coral reefs are living communities of some of the most colorful assortments of aquatic life found anywhere in the world. Now you can put them in your home, without the expensive aquarium, heaters, filters, exotic fish food and antibiotic tablets. All you need is this easy-to-apply peel and stick Wall Monkeys wall decal!

Drift Wood Wall Decals

This decal makes for a charming and rustic addition to your walls. Place this driftwood mural in any room for a relaxing and artful beachy appearance.

Sea Animal Wall Decals

If you are a fan of artistic pieces, Wall Monkeys has several art-inspired sea animal wall decals, so that you can create your own collection at home. Each decal has its own distinct coloring style, allowing you to make your very own psychedelic aquarium on the wall. They look great on their own, or together. You could even put one in a frame. The possibilities are endless! This watercolor jellyfish decal would make a great addition to any bedroom or hangout space!

Lighthouse Murals

Lighthouses are perfect for evoking that summertime beach spirit that your soul's been craving. Just slide on a pair of sunglasses, put that single stripe of suntan lotion across the bridge of your nose, and enjoy. This lighthouse mural makes a perfect addition to any bedroom or living area that could use a little relaxing beach energy.

Anchor Wall Decals


Perfect for fans of sailing and all things nautical, this anchor wall decal will make sure you don't get washed away in a sea of mundane walls and bland surfaces. They're much easier to handle than actual anchors and easy to apply!


Palm Tree Wall Decals

Palm trees are nature's reminder to just take it easy, breathe in, and de-stress. Create an entire forest on your wall with this palm tree wall decal; order several, and you'll be well on your way to creating your very own tropical paradise!

Surfer Wall Decals


Here's a striking silhouette of a cool surfer, most likely on his way to do some radical, tubular boarding. Bring back the adventurous spirit of sand and sun with a stylish surfer wall decal

Surfboard Wall Decals

Fan of the surf, or just want to give your home a more beach-tastic theme? This surfboard decal is the perfect cut out to place in any room that could use a touch of the tropical. Featuring their own unique designs and themes, these boards make it easy to mix and match for just the right look. Regardless of how realistic they may appear, we do not recommend waxing them!


Tiki Wall Decals

Complete that beach party look with some rocking tiki mask wall decals. Even better, these decals can also be placed anywhere throughout your home. Combine them with some of the suggestions we've made above, and you'll have your very own luau every day.


Turn your home or office into an endless summer with Wall Monkeys! For more ocean-inspired wall decor, check out our sea life decals. Make your walls beachy-keen by finding the right beach wall decal for you, or get creative and create your own custom decal at Wall Monkeys!

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