How Wall Decals Can Enhance Your Dental Office

How Wall Decals Can Enhance Your Dental Office

Not everybody enjoys going to the dentist, even if the bi-annual visit is an important part of our health and hygiene. Whether it's a routine cleaning or a root canal, some may find the procedures uncomfortable and intrusive. Little kids especially are often apprehensive and fidgety, and may be afraid of the scary, pointy tools. Fortunately, we can change that! Make your dental office friendly and comforting with wall decals from Wall Monkeys. Wall decals can be used to achieve many goals to help you enhance your dental office. Besides looking impressive and refined, these dental wall decals can also create a pleasant atmosphere, spread a positive message to your patients, and educate your customers.

Using Wall Decals To Create An Atmosphere

Going to the dentist’s office can be scary, especially for young kids. Wall decals are a great way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will soothe children and adults alike! Patients are more likely to relax and allow dentists and oral hygienists to do their job efficiently, especially if the environment they are in is pleasing and fun to look at.

This cartoon tooth wall decal will accomplish just that, allowing your employees to do their job effectively and encouraging your patients to continue to bring their business to you. An inviting atmosphere is not only beneficial to customers, but to employees as well. Employees will have better attitudes and be happier to come to work every day if their workplace is pleasant and appealing. A good attitude will result in patients receiving better treatment, which means higher customer satisfaction and a higher chance that customers will return or refer your office to others.


Using Wall Decals To Spread A Message

The most basic form of protection against cavities and other tooth-related maladies is brushing your teeth at least twice a day. A fun tooth brushing cartoon or a collage of healthy teeth habits a fun way to remind especially your younger patients of this fundamental rule and to promote oral hygiene skills. Decals can be used to spread any message, not just ones about dental care. Clean teeth and happy smiles promote messages about self esteem, love, and other positive messages that are sure to make your dental office more inspiring and inviting. 


Using Wall Decals to Educate

Dentistry is a subject about which most people know very little. Having a better understanding of teeth, gums, and mouths will enable patients to take care of themselves better. These wall decals will educate any patient who looks at them, thereby giving them more knowledge. Educational wall decals such as this tooth diagram decal also demonstrate to customers that all doctors and hygienists that work at your dental office are professional and have complete knowledge of their field.


Custom Business Logo Decals and Wallpapers


Wallpaper is a fantastic way to make a room or office look refined and put together. This tooth-themed wallpaper is a kooky way to create a polished office with a fun theme. Our fun, wacky patterns make great accent walls that will delight patients young and old. Wall Monkeys' wallpaper is much easier to apply than traditional wallpaper, and is 100% removable. No mess, no hassle, and if you decide to move offices, simply peel it off the wall and take it with you! Just like our regular wall decals, our temporary wallpaper is also reusable and will never damage walls.

If you want to add a personal touch to your dental office or advertise to gain more business, Wall Monkeys can also print your office’s logo as a custom wall decal.

Display your logo proudly by the receptionist's desk, or in the waiting area for all to see. Wall decals and removable wallpaper both make great, inexpensive alternatives to pricey posters or paint jobs.


The varied uses of Wall Monkeys wall decals make them beneficial to any dental office, and are sure to attract new customers as well as have loyal regulars returning for every checkup. Come browse the rest of our dental decal collection today, and find the right wall decals to enhance your dental office!

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