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INSTALLATION IS EASY!..But, since your WallMonkey is B-I-G, we recommend two people for installation.

Please be gentle at all times. Although your WallMonkey is printed on durable vinyl, it CAN rip or tear if mishandled.

1. Remove your WallMonkey from the tube, and unroll it. Let your WallMonkey hang out at room temperature unrolled for at least an hour before application. Your WallMonkey needs to stretch out and relax a bit before it is applied.

2. Pick a smooth painted surface. You may want to measure to make sure you have enough room to fit your WallMonkey.

3. Make sure the surface is CLEAN! Your WallMonkey likes a clean, dry, smooth wall. Let the wall dry completely before moving on. NOTE: Do not clean the wall with any chemicals or soaps. Your WallMonkey is allergic to them.

4. CAREFULLY remove the WallMonkey image from its background.

5. Start from one corner, and smooth the WallMonkey out on the wall. Should you need to, you can always gently remove and re-stick sections to “smooth” it out. For best results, we recommend starting at the bottom half of your WallMonkey, and smoothing it out on the way UP.

6. Gently smooth out any bubbles in your WallMonkey.


Hey, you've never had a Monkey before! Here are some other tips to help you:

* Your WallMonkey will stick to virtually any surface. Please make sure the wall is clean and dry.

* Your WallMonkey will work outside, but we do not guarantee WallMonkeys against fading and weather wear. It's primarily designed for interior use, but has fared quite well outside as well.

* Do not attempt to feed your WallMonkey. He or she is probably very cute, but it will last longer UNFED!

* Your WallMonkey LOVES attention. Please show him or her to as many of your friends and family as possible.