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chimpanzeeHave you ever found yourself wondering what the smartest animals in the world are? Recently, while digging around on the net I came across an article about this and found myself raising an eyebrow at a few of the animals listed there. I thought the list would be worth mentioning here and perhaps with the kids heading back to school soon, you might find yourself wanting a few wall decals to show them what they are up against!

Which are the smartest animals in the world?

Well I suppose since I have your attention now I should at least give you the list! The Top 10 smartest animals in the world starting with number 10 are (drum roll please!):

10. Rat – Known for finding shortcuts, escape routes, and loopholes is found on every continent on Earth except for Antarctica! The lab rat is widely used in research and is admired for its resourcefulness.

9. Octopus – I have heard it said that if an octopus had a body it could take over the world. I do know that research scientist have taught them to unscrew a lid on a jar and navigate through mazes! Who would have thought it?!

8. Pigeons – Pigeons have been used in research for many years so there is a lot documented about them. One of the most amazing things about these pesky birds is the fact that they have the ability to recall even after several years have passed.

7. Squirrel – persistent, resourceful, and amazing memory are words that describe this amazing little creature.

6. Pig – Known for their ability to adapt, they are highly trainable.

5. Crow – This one was a surprise for me. They have been seen placing nuts on the street so that passing vehicles could crack them open. Also, some scientist believe they are more intelligent than primates!

4. Elephant – Know to be curious, compassionate, and caring to members in their group and even other species.

3. Orangutan – Known to have a strong culture and communication skills. They have even been seen using tools in the wild.

2. Dolphins – These amazing animals are extremely social, have a highly developed language system and are devoted to their families.

1. Chimpanzee – The smartest animals in the world are another primate! Known to use tools, hunt in groups, and solve advance problems. They have also been taught communication skills such as sign language and the ability to group symbols to relate a complex idea.

With our gallery here at WallMonkeys.com packed full of images of the smartest animals in the world you are sure to find a few that you can have made into amazing wall decals to display in your child’s bedroom or study.

More can be found on the smartest animals in the world at: http://animal.discovery.com/tv/a-list/creature-countdowns/smartest/smartest.html

Do you have a favorite animal you would like to share with us? Comments are always welcome in the comment section below!





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2013-04-23 21:57:24 Reply

I think that dolphins are smarter than chimpanzees because the only reason chimps use tools is because they have thumbs, unlike other animals.


2013-04-23 23:21:28 Reply

I think that dolphins are smarter than chimpanzees because the only reason that chimps can use tools is because they have thumbs. Anyways dolphins can also solve advanced problems on their own and dolphins use their own language by giving each other names. Dolphins are actually known to have the second biggest brain next to humans. Chimps only have the intelligence of a three year old baby. I think Dolphins are much smarter. Some dolphins have been seen developing human language. Chimps may have human physical features, but from my opinion dolphins are smarter.

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